Understanding When And Why To Seal Coat Your Driveway Or Parking Lot

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If you have a paved driveway or parking area at your home or business, maintaining it is important and seal coating is an important part of that. The better you maintain, the longer it will last and even though you have to spend a little money every year, it will save you repair expenses over the long run. If you are not sure what maintenance you need, you can hire a paving contractor to come in and inspect the driveway or lot and help you decide what is needed.

Cleaning The Driveway or Parking Lot

Before you can fully inspect the condition of the pavement, you should clean the surface, removing dirt, sand, and other material that might be on the lot. If you have a small driveway, hosing it off with a pressure washer is the simplest way to clean it. If it is a large parking lot you are working on, you might want to hire a company to clean it. Often a street sweeper is used on large areas to get the debris off the lot.

Inspecting The Pavement For Damage

Once the pavement is clean, you need to take a close look at it. If there are any holes, cracks, or sunken spots in the lot, they need to be repaired bore sealing the lot. Cracks can be filled with a liquid crack sealer, holes and sunken spots need to be filled in properly. This is a job that is often best handed off to a paving contractor so you can be sure it is done right. Any damage that is not repaired properly can become a problem down the road, and damage that is not repaired will get worse in time as well.

When To Seal Coat Your Pavement

How often do you need to seal coat your pavement? That depends on where you live and what your weather is like there. If you have cold, harsh winters, you should have the driveway or lot cleaned and seal coated in the fall to protect it -- then again in the spring to deal with any problems that came up over the winter months. If you live in milder climates, once a year is probably enough. In the warmer climates, the spring is a better time of year to do the seal coating because it will help protect the pavement from sun damage. In either case, having a contractor do the work will save you a lot of time, and the work is often warrantied.