Why Fall Is The Perfect Time To Consider Having Your Parking Lot Cracks Filled

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If you have cracks in your parking lot, you will want to hire a paving contractor to fill those cracks. Cracks in asphalt are caused by a number of things, including the ground shifting below the asphalt, water seeping into the surface and natural settling. However, while cracks are normal, they can expand and grow if they are not filled in. A small crack can turn into a large pothole that requires more extensive repair or can cause your asphalt surface to need to be resurfaced or replaced sooner. When cracks are present, you may wonder if there is a certain time of year that is better than others to fill these cracks. The fall is the perfect time to have your cracks tended to. Here are three reasons why. 

It Is Dry

One of the reasons why fall is the perfect time to have parking lot cracks filled in is because it is dry. In the winter and spring months, it can be wet and rainy. Unfortunately, crack filler cannot be used when it is wet outside or when the asphalt has moisture in it. This prevents the asphalt from expanding as it should to properly fill in the crack and from setting or hardening like it should. As such, you should always wait until the weather is clear and free of rain for crack repair. 

Temperatures Are Beginning to Cool Down

Another reason why fall is a great time to have these cracks filled in is because temperatures are beginning to cool down. When it is cold outside, asphalt expands. This makes the crack as wide as it will naturally get due to temperature. When it is hot outside, asphalt contracts, which makes the crack smaller or more narrow. Having the crack open and expanded helps the paving contractor fill in the entire crack and ensure enough filler is present. 

Most Parking Lots Are Not Overly Busy

The last benefit to having crack repair done in the fall is that many parking lots are not overly busy yet. Parking lots are busy at the end of summer as people prepare to send their child back to school. They then get busy again during the busy holiday season. There is often a small lull in traffic between these two time periods for many shopping mall and strip mall parking lots. As such, fall is a great time to get the repair made while there is a lull in traffic so fewer customers are affected by parts of your parking lot being out of commission for a day or two. 

It is recommended that you have professional parking lot crack repair done at least once per year. A professional paving contractor will examine your parking lot for cracks and fill in any that are present. If you have not had this done yet, now is the perfect time to schedule your fall appointment with a paving specialist. For more information, visit a website such as http://www.starpaving.com.