Use Cold Formula Patch For Asphalt Repairs

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A crack in your asphalt is something that you want to take care of as soon as possible. Unfortunately, if you leave even the smallest crack unattended, it will grow and become a more significant issue. There are a few different ways that you can patch asphalt cracks. This article explains the main differences between hot and cold patches and which is best for different types of asphalt repair jobs.

Using Cold Formula Patch

Most residential crack repairs can be done with cold formula asphalt patch. As the name implies, cold formula patch does not need to be heated up when it is being applied to your asphalt. When your asphalt slab is originally installed, it is poured using a technique where it is heated up. As it cools down, it hardens and creates the smooth black surface. But this is not necessary or suggested for fixing small cracks.

The logistics alone of trying to keep hot formula asphalt heated as it is being poured can be very tricky if you aren't an asphalt contractor with all of the necessary tools for the job. Using cold formula patch is much more convenient and affordable. If you only have a few small cracks to fill, find a premixed product. This is very convenient and easy to use because it comes in squeezable bottles. You can also find powder mixtures where you need to add water to activate the formula. A big bag of cold formula powder is convenient if you anticipate that you will have to make more patches later on. It is definitely more affordable than the premixed formula.

Applying the Crack Filler

No matter which type of cold formula you use, applying it to your crack is very simple. Make sure your crack is clean and clear of any weeds growing out of it. Basically, pour the filler directly in the crack until it reaches the top. Often the filler will settle and sink down as it dries. Just pour more filler in as this happens to keep it level with the top of the asphalt as it dries. You can finish the job off by applying some asphalt sealant, which will help waterproof the new patch as well as the existing asphalt.

Cold formula patch is definitely the way to go unless you are doing a large job and have the equipment to handle a hot formula job. Contact a paving company like New England Paving for larger issues or if you're concerned about other paving problems.