FAQs About Maintaining An Asphalt Paved Surface

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Over time, asphalt can start to deteriorate. What was once a beautiful piece of asphalt can start to develop cracks and fade. Therefore, maintaining the asphalt is important in keeping up its appearance and expanding its lifespan. If you have an asphalt paved surface at your business, here is what you need to know about maintaining it.

What Is Causing Wear and Tear?

Asphalt will naturally experience some wear and tear from cars and trucks driving over it. However, those are not the only factors that could result in cracks and other problems for the pavement. To develop a plan to care for the asphalt, you need to identify what is causing distress to the pavement.

There are several possible factors, including the sun. The more the asphalt is exposed to the sun, the more it will start to fade. Standing water can also play a role. The water could be an indication that there is not sufficient drainage to keep the water moving away from the surface.

In determining the cause of damage, you also need to track the repairs to the pavement. Keep details on the repairs that were performed, the dates, and what was done. You will need that information to develop a pavement maintenance plan.

What Is a Pavement Maintenance Plan?

The pavement maintenance plan is basically your guide for caring for the asphalt pavement. The plan focuses on long-term care for the pavement, such as five to 10 years from its installation. The plan can help you predict the likelihood of repairs and even when you will need to replace the pavement.

Creating a plan requires an assessment of the pavement's current condition by a professional. After the assessment, the pro will provide an estimation of upcoming repairs that you could face in the next few years. The plan will address ways to handle those repairs and to avoid future damage.

If you have more than one property, you will need a pavement maintenance plan for each property. Even if they were installed on the same day, the wear and tear on each can vary. The plan considers unique attributes that each surface faces. For instance, one pavement surface might face more exposure to the sun than the other surface.

Talk to a pro at a pavement maintenance service to learn of other ways you can care for and extend the life of your asphalt paved surfaces.