The Best Driveway Beautification Options

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There are so many driveways that have the exact same style and you may not even realize the options that are available to you. However, if you experiment more with your driveway options, you will be able to drastically change the appearance of your home exterior.


Bricks are a beautiful option for a driveway. If an individual brick becomes damaged, you can simply remove it. Bricks that are used for driveways are fired at a very high temperature which makes them hard and durable. You will only have to worry about damaged bricks if driving an exceptionally heavy vehicle over your driveway. Bricks can come in very beautiful and bright colors. For instance, you may choose a driveway that uses bright purple or yellow bricks. One of the downsides of bricks is that they are expensive to install. However, one of the upsides is that bricks will improve your home's resell value. 


Pavers come in different colors and can create an interesting texture. Basalt paver tiles are a very unique option. Basalt is a igneous rock that is very hard and durable. They also have a natural beauty. If you would like a unique paver and are not as concerned with using natural materials, concrete pavers are very durable, can be stained to look like anything and can also be stamped in order to have a unique texture. When concrete is stained, it can look like almost any material. 


You could forego a driveway altogether and instead use grass, which is the most natural-looking option. You can't simply use grass by itself, since you will need something to support the weight of your vehicles. Underneath the grass, you must place geo-grid materials. Grass is also a naturally permeable option. You may also use a different species of grass in order to identify the portion of the grass that can be driven on.

The Benefits Of Painting Your Driveway

The great thing about painting your driveway is that you can transform the appearance of many materials. For example, concrete could resemble marble. This allows you to mimic the beauty of one material while having the structural benefits of another material. Paint also comes with the additional benefit of protecting your driveway from the elements. The best way to get started is to have a conversation with a paving contractor, such as from Mariotti Site Development Co Inc, who can explain the pros and cons of each option.