Three Parking Lot Problems That Need Maintenance

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When you own a business, your parking lot will be one of the first aspect of your business that a customer experiences. Walking to the building through a parking lot that is filled with problems is definitely going to leave a bad first impression. That's why you want to have the parking lot maintained if you're experiencing any of these three problems.

Water Pooling on the Surface

One of the nice things about having a paved parking lot is how it handles drainage. Slight slopes are placed strategically so the water that falls on the surface drains into a nearby sewer. It helps keep the surface dry and prevents your parking lot from being turned into an ice skating rink during the winter. That is why you want to be concerned when you see pooling water on the surface of the parking lot.

Pooling water means that something is wrong with the paved surface. Whatever the problem is, it is causing the parking lot to dip and collect water after it rains. If not corrected, the problem can get worse over time. You should consider having the parking lot resurfaced to help restore that original slope and remove low spots where you have pooling water.

Cracks Across the Surface

You may not think much of cracks in your parking lot when they are small, but that is the best time to fix them. Cracks only get bigger in time. This is because water gets into the cracks and eventually freezes and expands. It's similar to how a crack on your windshield can start off small but then grow into something big.

Start by sealing cracks using a patching material that is very easy to apply. Some patching material is as simple as applying it to the crack and heating it up with a blowtorch. If cracks get too large, you may need the parking lot resurfaced to repair them all.

Discolored Surfaces

A parking lot will become discolored due to the exposure to the sun. One way to prevent this from happening is to have a seal coat applied to the surface. It helps reflect the harmful rays of the sun and provides you with additional benefits that can prevent cracks from forming and getting larger.

If you already have discolored surfaces, this is another problem that is solved by having the parking lot resurfaced. It will give your parking lot a fresh start to ensure that everything looks great.

To fix any f the above problems, contact a parking lot maintenance company.