Why Your Parking Lot Has Cracks In It

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When you have a business parking lot, it is natural to want to keep your parking lot looking nice. Part of keeping your parking lot looking nice involves keeping your parking lot free of cracks. In order to keep your parking lot free of cracks, you need to understand why cracks occur in the first place.  

Parking Lot Settles

One of the primary reasons you end up with cracks in your parking lot is because your parking lot has settled. Over time, the gravel, sand, and dirt that is under your asphalt or cement parking lot is going to become compressed due to the weight of the parking lot and all the vehicles that drive over your lot on a daily basis. It is natural for your parking lot to settle. 

As the dirt and foundation under your parking lot settles, gaps between the foundation and the cement or asphalt are created. Eventually, due to the pressure of vehicles driving over the parking lot, the cement may settle downward, creating cracks in the parking lot.  

Parking Lot Breaks Down

Another reason your parking lot has cracks is because your parking lot may be breaking down from the topside. Exposure to oils and other substances that are spilled on your parking lot can break down the top layers of your parking lot, causing cracks.  

If you live somewhere that gets freezing weather in the winter, the use of chemicals and salts to melt the ice can also break down the top layers of your parking lot.  

The truth is, the very wear that your parking lot is created to withstand will eventually break it down as well.  

Moisture Gets In & Expands Cracks

When the top layers of your parking lot start to break down, and little cracks develop, those little cracks provide an opportunity for moisture to get into the open space. Moisture that gets inside of your parking lot can be dangerous when it gets cold outside. That moisture will freeze up and expand, pushing your concrete aside, and creating cracks. The freezing and thawing process that is common throughout the winter months can really put a dent in things.  

Your parking lot will develop cracks as your parking lot settles, as the top layer breaks down, and as moisture gets into little cracks and turns them into good cracks. You can prevent and fight back against cracks by making sure your parking lot has a solid foundation when it is installed. If you have an asphalt parking lot, get it seal coated every year. If you have a cement parking lot, fill in cracks right away. With the right preparation and maintenance, you can keep your business parking lot looking great and crack free.

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