Want To Polish Your Concrete Surfaces? 3 Types Of Concrete Finishes You Can Try

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Concrete is one of the most affordable and versatile construction materials in the market. When installed and finished by a professional contractor, a concrete driveway or flooring can last for years. The technology used to finish concrete has also improved a lot these days. If your concrete flooring or surfaces look plain and boring, you can invest in concrete finishing services to make them more elegant. Actually, concrete with a great finish is elegant and with increased light refractivity, creating beautiful interiors for your house.

If you are thinking about polishing your concrete surface, here are three types of concrete finishes that you should consider.

Think of a Troweled Concrete Finish

The first way to create a smooth and fine concrete finish is by using a trowel. The concrete polishing professional will either use a hand or power trowel to create the finish. If you have a large concrete surface, the professionals will use power trowels to attain a smooth trowel finish. The contractor uses the trowel to smooth out the concrete while still wet. 

After the concrete has hardened, they use the trowel to smoothen the concrete further. The final surface is smooth and robust, and it can endure a lot of external weight and pressure without getting damaged.

Consider the Stamped Concrete Finish

Another popular choice in concrete finishing is concrete stamping. The method creates a variety of finishes that can mimic a variety of materials. The process involves creating the desired pattern when the concrete is still uncured. For instance, if you want a tile finish, the contractor will pour the concrete and use a stamp that mimics the tile pattern to stamp it before it dries out. You can ask the concrete contractor to create a finish that mimics stone, brick, tile, and several other materials. You can even choose to stain the floor to a desired color as part of the finishing.

Choose the Salt Finish

The third popular concrete finish, especially with outdoor features such as the swimming pool, is the salt finish. The contractor applies rock salt onto the surface of the uncured concrete and uses rollers to press the rocks onto the concrete. They wash the salt away after it has created the needed holes on the surface of the concrete. The salt finish is a perfect way to create a slip-resistant and textured concrete surface.

Other finishes and textures that you can try include broom finish and stained concrete. A concrete finishing services contractor will help you choose the ideal finish for your concrete surfaces so you can have a beautiful home.