Top Asphalt Pavement Failures Your Paving Contractor Can Fix

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If you have installed asphalt pavement in your home or commercial space, it's essential to ensure it remains in excellent shape throughout. While asphalt is known for being long-lasting and easy to maintain, it is not indestructible. Excessive precipitation, cold temperatures, and strain and salting can cause pavement defects. Luckily you can hire paving contractors to repair the damage right away to avoid replacing the entire surface. Repairs are less costly and boost the longevity of the asphalt surface. So, what types of asphalt pavement defects can paving contractors handle? Read on to know more.

They Repair Potholes

Potholes are a common pavement defect that's formed when water seeps into the asphalt surface. The water expands from the sub-base to create a hole that spreads on the pavement over time. The spread rate increases fast if the pavement isn't properly drained, has a thin surface, or if the base, surface, or subgrade is weak. The paving contractor you hire will determine the cause of the problem and ensure water doesn't seep into the ground. They will also seal the pothole so the surface can be smooth once more.

They Repair Alligator Cracks

Another defect your pavement surface can have is alligator cracking. This issue occurs when there's a structural problem with your surface. Maybe the surface, subgrade, or base is weak or thin, drainage is poor, or both. If you notice longitudinal cracks that end as alligator cracks, you should know the surface is undergoing severe distress. Paving contractors can do a full patch on the affected areas.

They Repair Shoving

Sometimes, ripples may form across the pavement. This is shoving, and it signifies that a surface is undergoing horizontal stresses like intersections. Shoving can occur when the surface is installed on a weak base or when excess asphalt or fine aggregate is used. Fortunately, contractors can fix the problem by doing a full or partial patch.

They Repair Edge Cracks

When your pavement is distressed, it can develop edge cracks. This problem affects narrow pavements and starts when asphalt shrinks at the edge. Edge cracks can occur if your asphalt lacks lateral support when the soil dries out and shrinks or after the underlying substrate settles. Cracks can also appear if you have heavy vegetation along the asphalt edges. Your paving contractors will clear any vegetation that's near the surface and fix drainage issues. Then, they'll seal the cracks or do a reconstruction if extra support is needed.

If you realize that your asphalt surface has any of these problems, you should get a paving contractor to fix it. DIYing shouldn't be an option as it will cause more damage.

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